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A Baptism

I simply adore the window opposite the pulpit at church...
After the fellowship meal, we went to the Sterzer's house for a baptism in the lake!
Mr. S. speaks about baptism
I love you so much, Daddy!
Alex :)
We gather...
...glad we're not the ones that have to get into the water! ;) It is wonderful to have Mr. Carr as a new member of the church!
It was a beautiful day.
My handsome brother
Afterwards, we sang hymns -- such a lovely time! What riches have been given to us in the meaningful words and worshipful melodies of hymns!
This picture is fuzzy, I know :( -- but I love it anyway! :)
Mom & I took our usual walk after dinner -- the sun was bright and made the clear green of the grass even more brilliant than usual...
Layered treeline
A wonderful Sunday!

Nature Shots, and a Gala Evening

Slow mist rises, collects, and swirls above the pond... the orange-tinted "line" that looks like it's a smudge on the camera lens is actually mist. It's so delightful to watch -- so slow and staid...
More mist -- cameras can't do it justice. I love to sit on the couch, doing my personal Bible time, and watching it!

The weather is perfect for a picnic in the country! This illustration is so charming.
Mom loves these!
"Mrs. B.R. Cant" is the rose Beth left us -- my, we enjoy it!!!
The irises in front of the "guest house" are beginning...
Pale elegance
Two helicopters, on their way somewhere...  (okay, tell me that to make that obvious statement doesn't need a Ph.d! ;)
Deborah's rose is so unique and gorgeous!

Lush roadside
A glimpse of bluebonnets as Ben & I are on our way to the SSO practice and concert.
Charles, Clare Cason (our violin teacher), and Cheryl
Of course... Ben!
Ben & I whiled away the time between practice and con…

Friends, Flowers, and SSO

What a fun thing it was to have the G. family over for dinner! Here some of them are coming back from seeing the ducks and goats.
Laughter is very much in evidence when we're with the Griggs!
Playing Occupations
"Now, who could be 'Pipe Cleaner?'"
The irises in Beth's former garden are beginning
One (of the many) things I love about my new camera -- no-fuss, clear moon shots! I couldn't get a single moon shot I was pleased with out of the other camera, good as it was.
SSO (Sherman Symphony Orchestra) practice on Tuesday night -- the children's chorus practices with the orchestra for the first time.
Two of the soloists practice...
My companion for many a SSO practice (and it never grows dull! :) It may look small here, but it's a monster -- at least 2-1/2 inches thick!