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Random Quotes!

Just random quotes.. hope ya'll enjoy! :)


Deborah, in boot heaven! :)  Uncle Micah and Kathryn :)  The walking box  ;)  School :)
 Deborah has discovered Polyvore...  Tux  shopping!
 Wedding errands, with some special & fun people!  My best friend :)  What a FUN room!  Police horse  A really neat art find!

 Micah's newest plane!  A family walk! :)  Sunset
 The lilac colored clouds were so subtle and neat...

Quotes :)


More Catch-Up! :)

Stephen's tent!  Saw this car and thought of you you liked them, Bethy!  Another neat car -- a little older ;)

 A gorgeous and dear congratulations card from a sweet friend...

 Deborah was a very fun & helpful friend/assistant when making a Target registry! :)  Afterwards, Mom took us to In N Out -- even more fun!  Two other special people to have along when doing a registry!
 And then smoothies from SmoothieKing -- yum!

 Buying special art for a special future place...  On Saturday, we went to a send-off for the Billy S family. They will be missed!

 Lots of great visiting...