Sunday, April 29, 2012

A Sudden Trip to Memphis...

Daddy's step-mother's mother passed away suddenly (for us), and feeling that we should go, we did. She was a wonderful, kind, Christian who raised her children with character. Well worth remembering and honoring.

Hanging out at a rest stop

Getting shoes tied for the service...

And hair done...

Now over (or Under?) the bridge into Tennessee!

I love the picture on the left--what a beautiful lady she was! We had a lovely time at Barbara's house afterwards visiting with Mrs. Williams dear children etc.

Enjoying the hotel!

On our way home we saw all these vehicles facing the wrong direction on our side of the road!

Turned out to be a burnt trailer being cleaned up!

We will end with a picture of Ruth (and Deborah)!

Saturday, April 28, 2012


"Mermaid" a stunning large 'single' rose.

perfect bud

Ruth is the sweetest baby! When she makes eye contact with you, she usually will give you a big smile, and what is so cute too, is that she actually already loves dolls! Her face cracks into a beautiful smile and she talks to them softly in her lovely little voice... We can't help but be in love with this girl!

"Angel Face" --a mauve rose with a delicious scent!

I love the unique pink spots! I think they are from the dew.

"So soft... reminds me of a peony."

Blue-eyed grass

I'm not sure what this is, but it is wild, and charming! That is until you bring it into the house--where it is still wild and beautiful, but the charm is lost because it is a little bit too odorous! : )

Trying to capture dew again...


Notice the little bug?

Art Nouveau
(At least that's what I think of!) 

Deborah and Ruth!

I put in all three of these because I couldn't choose one and let the others fall aside.

There seems something not tame and oriental about these. I can so easily picture a tiger and a swarthy Indian princess. Maybe that's just a flight of fancy... am I the only who sees it?

Friday, April 27, 2012

Books and Elisha's Birthday!

Mommy reads to Stephen...

Deborah reads alone...

Waiting for the present opening time! 

And now the presents! 
What a wonderful sister Elisha is! We are very blessed to have her.

Bouquet for a birthday girl!

Warden checks it out

More reading : ) !

The birthday table!

Deborah and Stephen have taken to catching butterflies, a very pleasant pastime! It is delightful to see them exclaiming over the beauties of those the catch! 

Flowers with bugs...

 These are very common here--which does not detract from their charmingness!

A rather spooky picture, taken by Ben while waiting for cake...

Thursday, April 26, 2012

In which we begin by taking a walk...

And stop to admire Ferdinand's skull and horns.

Ben replaces the outer horn sheath that had come off. Sadly, one of the coyotes doing the cleaning job for us didn't have any scruples and stole the other one.

"Don Juan"
This rose has a glorious strong fragrance!

Wildflowers can be just as pretty.

We were given these Irises last autumn--and they have given us much beauty!

"Sceptyr'd Isle" buds. So pretty.

A bluebird visits...

 "Sceptyr'd Isle"

"Scent from Above"

"John F. Kennedy" 
(some of us call it "Steve Ames" after a fictional character of much better repute than the before named President)

Deborah's rose, "Golden Princess"

 That's all for now!