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Quotes For The Week


A Lovely Sunday

Sunday afternoon, the lovely D family had us over for dinner!

 Dinner :)  Such encouraging, lovely conversations with them!
 Sidney and Deborah :)


 Their two kittens are so sweet! I loved holding them. :)

Saturday Night

Saturday night, we went to a rodeo -- it was held at the church Beth & Erich got married at, so how could we resist? :) :)  A very fancy new arena, built since we were there for the wedding!  Art? ;)

 My boots (I still feel so excited when I think of them! :)  Hey! We know these people who are arriving! :)
 Saying hi :)
 Don't know the person -- like the outfit ;)  Tiny tyke, on a horse!  Not her first rodeo, by any chance  It was such a treat to see some friends from long ago! :)  And... it's action time!

 Calf scramble...  Stephen's circled in red :)
 This sixth-grader was competing in break-away roping against grown-ups!