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Quotes As We Enter the New Year...

Happy New Year!
May your 2016 be blessed as you seek and serve Christ --
and may He give you the grace to do so!

Christmas Eve!


 Mom always does such pretty tables!
 Laying out the spread for Christmas Eve dinner!
 Nick & Jake W from church came over -- it was so very nice to have them!
 Kathryn cuddled up on her daddy and fell asleep! :) Cutie!
 She really enjoyed opening presents! :)
 I laid my gifts out, then slipped upstairs to bed with a merry heart... I really liked the wrapping I used this year! ;)
Next: Christmas Day!

Merry Christmas! Let Us Rejoice!

Christ is our Savior, and came to earth to save us from Satan's power and give us eternal life!
What a cause for rejoicing!!!!

Merry Days...

A beautiful girl...  ...out to explore the wilds...  ...for boughs & berries to decorate the house!  Ben's art
 Pears! From Uncle Fred & Aunt Catherine!!

 Working on "Behold Your God" together :)
 Deborah's nail art :)  Project guys!
 We went to a lovely hymn sing with church people -- reading Scripture and singing songs about the most wonderful Gift of all: Jesus Christ!!!!

A lovely evening!
Friday evening, we attended the viewing for a family friend who suddenly passed away. :(

 The next day, we attended her funeral. Our prayers are with her family in this terribly, terribly difficult time.
 Mrs. B -- so sweet to get to talk to her!  A fun little baby!
 Daddy's home this week (what FUN!), and is doing some very needed work on our bathroom -- replacing the shower & surrounding drywall!  We sure are grateful for this great guy! A darling letter in the mail from a friend... so many fun & merry letters in our mailbox in this wonderful season!