Monday, January 2, 2017


Well I hardly took any pictures in December so here’s a recap in words and then you can see the pics I did take! December was very busy! We had lots of visits from Travis and Elisha, Andrew graduated police academy,  a fun christmas singalong from a dear family at church, annual SSO christmas concert, antique shopping, Christmas cookie baking, EMT class for Micah, and work for Ben, Dad, and Andrew, a awesome Christmas with Travis and Elisha, a great New years with the married siblings and the Ehlingers, and to top it all off our church had a super fun New Years party! (Which I didn’t get any pics of)
Anyhow and here’s a few pictures!

Andrew's Graduation

 Antique shopping with Elisha

 a strange sign

 Sunset pics

 Chess wars with Travis

 Christmas Eve cookies!
 And it's Christmas morning!!

 Yes, I got 3 crazy house hats! :D

 Chocolate covered coffee beans!!!!!!!!!!

New years eve fireworks!!
And thats it! Hope you have a great 2017!!!!