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Saturday & Sunday Were Great, Too :)

Ben + Music = wonderful things :)
Here's the world-famous sea captain, maneuvering his forces in battle (Isn't he an adorable sea captain? :)
Fighting calls for concentration :) :)
Gossamer beauty
"The Beast!" :)
Hard-working Daddy, doing minor (but wonderful) repairs...
That evening, Ben & I performed with the ensemble we are a part of. (By the way, I'm not normally that tall -- I was wearing heels ;)
Justin looks dapper beside the unique table decorations 
A view of the gym-full of people
We actually got a chance to eat, after playing...
And I just had to post this -- it's a plastic spoon, but painted silver to look more fancy! ;)
The fellowship meal on Sunday -- always a blessed time!
Conversations abound...

"What are you looking for, Ruth?"
Alvan the tree-climber
Love the daffodils -- they've popped up everywhere!
If only that white post hadn't been in the way!
Ruth and her new friend Cassidy

A Friday Evening with the G. Family!

The irises are beginning to poke up their heads!
Can you spot the first little budding leaves?
Here's a clearer pic of them :)
I don't know if I've ever seen more dandelions in one place! A cheery harbinger of Spring.
The G. family served us a wonderful dinner!
It was a delightful time of visiting, as always!
Deborah and the G. girls.
What are we doing? Watching a slideshow --
-- of the G's fantastic vacation to Yellowstone and Glacier National Parks!
The scenery was so stunning!
They were showing us photos of a grizzly that had ambled out of the forest and was 10 feet from their van, when the below shot flashed on the screen:
Deborah had been joking with Hannah a few weeks ago, and said something like, "There won't be a picture of me in your slideshow!" So the G girls Photoshopped Deborah onto on of the bear pics! ;) We got a real laugh out of that!!! :)
Now, where is the office? In the ceiling somewhere?

Of Music And Nature

What a picture -- if only that electric pole wasn't there... ;)
Thin, many-fingered hands held up to the tinted sky...
Art, oak-tree style
The sun was just rising above the eastern treeline, and throwing all these neat shadows as it crept up!
I love the interplay of shade and light
Some tree trunks are already  glowing white, while others, still in shadow, are a dusky gray... :)
Where am I? Sherman Symphony practice!
Ben has been given a great gift, and I am so grateful to God!
Our wonderful teacher (and the extremely talented concertmaster of the SSO) -- Clare Cason.
Next day finds Ben & I practicing with the ensemble we recently joined (just to clarify, I'm not in this pic -- I took it :)
We use the fellowship building of our church -- it works quite well. :)
Rose hips, and their branches' first tender foliage. Ben brought the cuttings indoors when he trimmed the wild roses.
I just like this pic -- so here it is! ;)

These darling little roses are from a potted mini …