Thursday, December 29, 2011

One of the houses Mommy grew up in!

Over the bridge towards Grammy's house!

Four-square is something we enjoy on our trips out here! Reminiscent of our childhood when we also were surrounded by miles of concrete.

Nathaniel was on a team with Stephen!

At the Parish Hall

Stephen relaxes between his improvised performances!

This spot is perfect to read in!

The deck is a wonderful place to hang out in the gorgeous weather


Stephen--"Like some Spanish person would see our letters and think, "Ooh, it's all just weird crooks and things," but we look at Chinese writing and think--it's so--so hard to understand!"

Hanging out again! We love eating out here!

This Peruvian wall hanging which was in the room Elisha and I stayed in across the street reminds me how much our family enjoyed the "Into the Amazon" DVD series produced by Vision Forum!

Friday, December 2, 2011

The drive--day 2, and staying at Uncle Ken and Aunt Suzanne's House!

Stephen awoke, and still cuddled in bed told us of a dream he had..."Just as I was getting to the end of the slide, I flinked into the motel room and woke up!"
"Flinked" is one of Stephen's personalized words!


It was in this area that we noticed a strange phenomenon pertaining to the mountains. Those that were farther away appeared without doubt to be floating at least twenty feet in the air! The base of the hills just did not seem to connect to the flat earth at all--it didn't take any stretch of the imagination or perspective change.

One of the numerous rest stops!


We stopped at gas stations too!

The grass on these golden hills looks like fur on giant pale bears! 

The road goes on...

Finally our destination! We admire Uncle Ken's new work shop!


Waiting for the rest of the party to go on a walk!


Of course I couldn't pass up these beautiful rose photos Elisha took at the public rose garden!

More texture!

Uncle Ken


Admiring koi in the Japanese garden

Mysterious water...

It is so very generous of Uncle Ken and Aunt Suzanne to have us stay at their beautiful home! Thank you so much!