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November 😀🎃

For November i just have a bunch of random pics so here goes!  Stephens's Chickens  We had lots of fun bonfires in november  Doing Stephens "makeup" for a costume party  Around the world with friends!  What happens when you attempt to ride your younger bros bike through the pond, you get COMPLETELY stuck! 😂😉😊😏
 Church buddies....  We volunteered at ICR for 3 days!  Lots of fun and work!  Me and Hannah! whoops i mean Natalie and Mallory 😂😉😎  family pictures...  And more bonfires! this time at the G's house!  And what's at the end of November??? thanksgiving of course!!! on our way to SA for the annual Thanksgiving bash!  Cousins!!! not sure what Tote is doing in this pic 😉  Lots of people!  And LOTS of volleyball! we basically played from 11am to 11pm! (with a few breaks everyonce in a while)

 not sure who took this pic... 😃  On Friday Elisha and Travis took me