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Cold and Icy Weather!

There was ice over everything when we awoke yesterday morning! 
The first 11 pictures in this post were taken by Ben, who beat me outside with a camera... :)

Because it was ice, not snow or sleet, the grass remained colorful even while the trees had a white/frosty look...

Frozen fungus

Then, a little later, I ventured out into the cold and took the photos you see below:


Sorry for so many pictures -- this rare event was too pretty to take just a few!


Even the junipers had an ice coating!

It was a gorgeous display of another of our Creator's arsenal of beauty tricks!

Autumn and More...

Our gorgeous walk. How grateful I am for it!

Many of the trees have lost their leaves, but we still have some lovely fall color. :)

A beautiful scene
Helping out at the ICR Volunteer day! :)
Deborah and a puzzle -- a fun Winter sight!

Mom, Debs, Stephen & I went window-shopping in downtown McKinney -- a real treat!
So Christmassy!
Neutrals & sparkles...

Colors -- I love it!
Are we thankful for what God has given us, or are we living in a rosy-expectation-filled future?