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Something I'm Grateful For

As 2013 comes to a close, and 2014 is almost here, I wanted to post this picture, because it reminds me of one of the many, many things I am grateful for: our home & land. How gracious God has been to us! It has been a wonderful year on our land. May we never lose our gratefulness to God for all He gives us!

The Art of Living


Christmas! - Part 2

Mom opens the largest present of all -- a bowl big enough to feed an army! ;)
The excitement mounts...

Flying his 'copter
Sweet rolls and more for a beautiful brunch...


The afternoon was filled with projects

Playing Nathaniel's new game -- PicWits!
It's quite fun!
And this game, "Man Bites Dog," was a hit, too!!!!
A headline Dad created...
..and one of Nathaniel's
Reading is a favorite Christmas past-time, with new books all around!
The beautiful dinner table

At Wednesday Night Bible Study that evening, the guys talk to Mrs. Y. :)
Ava & Deborah

Christmas! - Part 1

A gorgeous tree on a gorgeous (maybe "exciting" is a better word) morning!
We wake up and come downstairs for Bible Time...
Racing mice from stockings! ;)

The view out the living room window

Excitement :)

Enjoying a present! ;)

Love that face! :)