Saturday, October 31, 2015

Reformation Day!

Many years ago today, a courageous monk nailed 95 Theses upon the door of a Wittenburg church --
and God started a reformation...
How grateful we are for the work which God wrought through His servant, Martin Luther!

(A little more recently in history on this same day, a boy named Andrew was born in the Wahlquist household... we are thanking God for him, too!)

Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Deborah's Birthday!

 The early-morning light touches the treetops...
 Autumn color!
 Our road...
 Lovely to have water in our pond again (or, should that be, "lovely to have a pond again"?)!
Deborah, making her own birthday dessert!
 Presents for a special girl...

 Fun new shoes -- a bday gift!
 Reading a card from Daddy ( he always does such fun front art!) :)
 A very difficult present to unwrap (but rewarding in the end!) :)

 And -- a Browning hoodie! :) She was very delighted!
This morning, a low-lying bank of (can I call it fog?) that swept rapidly overhead this morning... :)

Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Happy Birthday, Deborah!

Hop over to Deborah's blog! :)


On Sunday, the E's attended church with us, leaving for SA after the fellowship meal. What a fun weekend!
 We had to take more than one vehicle -- here's some of us, on our way to church!

 The fellowship of the saints is such a blessing!
 Little boys... :)
 After the meal, the E's had to leave... :(
 We babysat Kathryn that afternoon! :)

Monday, October 26, 2015

Saturday -- Part 2

 South African penguins!

 Watching a diver feed the fish!

 The shark tunnel!

 Sea horse :)

 Hogfish -- really weird looking, and maybe a foot & a half long!
 The jaguar exhibit -- the man is real ;)
 Another person, dressed up like a Mayan for a presentation they were doing ;)

 Looking down on the shark tunnel!
 Harpy eagle

 Benches are nice!
 Jaguar -- wish we could've seen him closer!
 Photobomb ;)
 The last time Nathaniel was here, he'd just been married -- now, he's taking his baby! :)



 Trust the A/C guys to notice a disguised A/C unit! ;)

 These hawks were circling in a thermal beside this skyscraper -- really neat to see! I'm sure those in the building had an even neater view!

 On our way back home! :)
 The beautiful (and extremely tasty!) cake Kandace made!
 Now -- Bible time, with a bday twist!

 Playing "Catch Phrase" :)
 Kathryn looks very interested ;)
 You'd better watch her, Nathaniel and Katelyn -- she already looks addicted! ;) ;) Just kidding. ;)
 Singing "Happy Birthday" again!

 Fun presents...
Snapping a picture of Debs taking a picture... ;)

Sunday is next!