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A young pioneer girl helps the family subsist on the land... : )
Valentines tulips...
Beautiful Deborah reading....
Thoughtful Stephen reading...

Striped sun
Maverick clouds

It's chilly!

A streak breaks away from the sunset...
An explosion in slow motion
We find ourselves enjoying a day at the G.'s house!
Stephen discovers the joys of dandelions!
Stephen attempts to bomb Micah with dandelions but falls behind!
Whimsy On a Dandelion
Puffballs snowy, Puffballs white, Puffballs yellow, Puffballs light Dandelions are snowy puffballs, Similar to furry mothballs Dangerous to wheezy mortals, Blown sky high to heavenly portals.
Preparing to swallow!!!

A party etc...

A very lovely sister
"From you, Ianthe, little troubles pass Like little ripples down a sunny river; Your pleasures spring like daisies in the grass, Cut down, and up again as blithe as ever." --Walter Savage Landor

Deborah listens...
Stephen thinks...
At a birthday party for a friend!
Our gracious hostess! The Birthday girl!

Enjoying "The Mitten" by Jan Brett
Andrew bought a kite like Micah's--identical except in color!
Kite enthusiasts!
Have a peaceful day!
"The Man of life upright, Whose guiltless heart is free From all dishonest deeds, Or thought of vanity;
The man whose silent days In harmless joys are spent, Whom hopes cannot delude, Nor sorrows discontent;
That man needs neither towers Nor Armor for defence, Nor secret vaults to fly From thunder's violence:
Thus, scorning all the cares That fate or fortune brings, He makes the heaven his book, His wisdom heavenly things;
--Thomas Campian

Hopefully this is the last of the snow...

Hopefully this is the last of the snow--because I have started planting outdoors and wish it to suceed--not because I don't like snow!

The snow covered "beach"
Amazing some green has survived through all this cold! So very vibrant looking.
Light and shade
Micah has aquired a two line stunt kite and we have had wind to enjoy it!
Watch it go!
Golfinches on Ben's feeder...

Gathering their daily bread...
Fur and Snow
A very cheery and comic little bird!
Intense contrast
Snow dripping off the roof...the sunrise glows behind.
Our church being sick, we visited a church from our past and it happened to be the very Sunday that missionary freinds of ours from Mongolia were visiting! Talk about providence! We had a lovely time visiting with the L.'s and the others there, and afterwards at Miss Isabel's house. The above picture is of the pastor and daughter Ruthie.
The L's baby!
I'm afraid this isn't the silliest of the faces I made at this baby--
Josiah was fairly uncertai…