Saturday, August 28, 2010

We used the left over stucco to pave/smooth the pathway between the houses. I love the teal of the guys shirts!

We think it was Nathaniel's idea--and we have appreciated it!

Thank you Stefon!

Stefon puts in the last finishing touches..

Turkey butchering!

Stephen loves "Chicken Foot Domino's."

What do Mom and Dad see that we don't?

We finally got around to mowing!


More Art

I so love green!

The second day of Stucco...

Very picturesque...

Abby smartly wore a kercheif to keep stucco out of her hair!

70 shovels of sand to one bag of lime and one bag cement!

Johannah cleaning tools

Deborah watches the volleyball game!

One thing about volleyball is that the ball is the sole object of everyone's attention or "awe"--as shown here! : )


Save it!

"Dance Andrew, dance!"


This picture looks almost staged--everyone in a circle and Dad in an intensely dramatic pose--like some very modern choreography!

Stucco-ing the outside Guest House...

The morter mixer is very loud!

Stefon and Andre came and helped all three days, for which we are very grateful!

Seeing the guys sitting on the scaffold reminded me of the 1900's photos of workers eating their lunches in precarious places!

We found this abandoned nest in the wall! After removing the eggs, we stuccoed  the "walls" of the nest so it is "niche". I wonder if anything will make use of it?!