Tuesday, July 25, 2017

June 🌞☀

AND I'M BACK!!!! WHOOP WHOOP!!!! lol JK sry i took so long to post, had a lot of pics to sort through and edit. (editing is the worst πŸ˜‹)
Went to a lake on a cloudy day (don't ask me why we went on a cloudy day)
Mom looks like the height of retro fashion (or the low, I'm so not a fan of retro fashion (no offense mom, you always look great) )
Me and Steve attempt some sort of standing water thingy while my hair is completely blocking my vision
fail πŸ˜‚
zoom in its worth it to see Kacy all cute sitting in her old bath chair πŸ˜‚
Definition of Gourmet: Food that is not meant to taste good just to look weird (i.e. most people think it doesn't look weird/gross but fancy, but that just ain't the truth )
Yay wet people!!!
Baby shower time! This game was excruciatingly hard, these were baby pictures from random people at church and you had to guess who they were
Cake by the famous Rachel.a.h
The mom-ta-be
And in case some of y'all are weird and like reminiscing (unlike me) here's a pic of baby Elisha
The next few are of mom when she was a kid

And RODEO TIME!!!!!!!!!!!!!! #welldaleyeah

So i was going to say the cheesy "Couldn't decide which to post.... thing but i decided against it.
Cute kid, Awesome flag, UGLY pony.
Excuse me sir, but you're supposed to wear your hat, not hold it.
typical clown act

And the cowboy lifesavers go to work!
The G;s had a bunch of people over for volleyball etc! Thanks for taking pictures Bethany, and Hannah

onlookers, or gawkers, whatever you wanna call them
Twins!! lol jk (no it wasn't planned) (walmart has a way of doing that)
Why are guys conversations always so much funner than girls conversations?

Another baby shower
And Kacy turned 2!!!
Here's one cool kid!! (I trained her to be cool but it backfired and now shes way cooler than me πŸ˜‰)

Firecrackers are known to the state of CA to cause cancer. (idk why i said that)
Fun fact, it looks and sounds really cool to throw a firecracker in a pool
Home. (Cause saying "Home sweet home" is cheesy (I never did like that song) )
My boots are slowly getting decrepit
Ben finally took these annoying thangs to his work and got em butchered!!! We got the head of the bigger one so we can save the horns! the coyotes are doing the work of cleaning it off for us.
American pride

Got to see Molly Wagner!!!!
It was the fastest run, but she broke the barrier so she got a penalty. tough luck Molly.
Saw our first lady bronc rider! She did really well and won! (guess can crushers aren't all bark and no biteπŸ˜‰)
Her boyfriend (this guy⇑) didnt do so well, kinda sad when your girlfriend can beat you at bronc riding.

One bull ride in pictures. (i had my camera on sport mode) (pictures are in order) (and the kid came off like half a second before the buzzer 😭)

Thats all till next time!!! Hope you enjoyed!


  1. Simply LOVED all your captions! Laughed so hard!!! Thanks, Debs!!

  2. Hooray! You managed to get your post done last night like you wanted!! :)

  3. HAHA, Deborah! This post (i.e. your captions) made me laugh :)

  4. I don't know if you know that I started my own blog? (You sorta inspired me :) If you want to look at it, the web address is lydiamorie.blogspot.com. :)

    1. Yes! I saw your blog and i am now a proud follower! I've really enjoyed looking at your posts! miss you, - Debs

  5. Such fun pictures Deborah!!! Very funny too.:)

  6. I love rodeos! Great pics! Your captions always make me laugh! Thx. :)

  7. Goodness Debs...you're hilarious πŸ˜‚ so glad I checked the blog

    1. May i ask who this is? I don't know anyone named "Rev" ;)

  8. I do not know anyone with that name either.