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Monday and Beyond...

The G. family came over for dinner Monday! Here the girls show us their new roses! :)

Andrew comes in from working at the shop, and compares notes with Ben... :)
Did you really think that Deborah and Hannah wouldn't play dollhouse once they were together? ;)
The P. family (see my last post :) gave us a new game -- Ryhme 'n Tyme. Here is it's debut! :)
"So you see, if you did..."
With intense concentration exuding from every pore, Ben's team tries to guess the rhyming words he has...
Nathaniel helped Stephen out (thank you, Nathaniel!).
It was rather amusing to watch them both! ;) But they certainly got the job done, and racked up great points! :)
Mr. G. read us "Uncle Zeke's Ordination" -- funny in itself, but even funnier when he reads it!!! ;)
His audience enjoyed it tremendously. 
I love how Beth color-coordinated the books in our shelves -- it's a fantastic system! Here, I just loved the shades of color in this picture one of the younge…

A Busy but Blessed Weekend

Mom & I were taking our usual lovely afternoon walk on Thursday when this little guy came "lippeting" across the road very nonchalantly in front of us! :)
Then he proceeded to root around in the grass at the side of the road as if we weren't even there. Armadillos are really one of the strangest animals, aren't they?!?!? :)
The next morning, the sun rises, but where its golden beams have not touched yet, the frost still lies thick...
Love the colors of Debs' outfit, the pillows, and the book cover here. :)
Friday night we had a special family over -- here Nathaniel explains a new game...
Nighttime in "Mafia" ;)
And the parent's converse... :) :)
Next evening (Saturday) found us at the lovely home of the T. family -- this is Jennie. :)
Stephen and Will
These two had fun playing together!
Lots of great conversations!

Sunday afternoon found us driving out past Dallas for a convention in which our new church takes part.
Do you like this photo bette…

And it Snows Again!

We awoke to a fantastic surprise yesterday morning -- it was snowing!!!!

Stephen's newest "friend" :) He bought it with birthday money.
All the rest of the pictures in this post were taken by Ben -- thanks, Ben!
A wintry walk in the woods...

Isn't it gorgeous?
A bird's nest catches the snow...
And a little pine tree collects its share :)
The moss is so green and growing under the white blanket!

Rose hips -- so pretty

Love this pic, Ben!
Another adorable little bird!
And I shall leave you with this image of a brave chicken. :)