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Life and A Poem

In case anybody is interested, here are a few links about Christmas:
Should Christians have Christmas Trees?
Should Christians Celebrate Christmas?
and this one, which is written by Rev. Brian Abshire, who used to be against Christmas:
Rethinking the Pagan Origins of Christmas
Now that the holidays have really begun -- Dad & Nathaniel are home from work! -- we relax and play games and spend even more time together... :) :)
Tools -- in such cheery colors!
Beautiful wrapping paper!
Getting ready to grill hamburgers...
...and the man who chopped the wood and grilled them!
Some of us took a walk when the G. family came over
Dad and cat
I finally got around to painting the metal chair the E.'s gave us -- with a new seat cover, it will go well in the girl's room!
Deborah, Hannah G., Bethany G., and Stephen spent part of the afternoon making beaded animals to send to children in Mexico where Aaron G. serves. They really had fun doing it!
As they worked, Deborah wrote a poem for the…
Deborah loves reading. :)
Pots awaiting Springtime...

I think he's darling! :)
This is the time of year when the cats spend most of their time sleeping in the warmest spots of the house... :)
"The three" on an adventure
A neat project Deborah did with Mom... it has a glass cover on top.
Another view of Deborah's
And Stephen went for "fighting men" for his.
My wonderful, diligent, amazing mother!
Striations of beans, for bean jars...
And the mixed result
We went with some fun friends to see a lights display near Sherman -- these are the French hens from "The 12 Days of Christmas." ;)
A lovely little church...

Happy Two-Month Anniversary!

Happy two-months' anniversary to Beth & Erich!!!! :)
Hard to believe it's been two months!!! Here's to many, many more happy months -- and years!!! :) :)

A Sunday Afternoon Walk...

We took a lovely afternoon walk on Sunday...
But I got sort-of sidetracked by the beauty around me. :)
Even plain thorns have a charm of their own...
Berries, waiting for the birds, and being gorgeous in the meanwhile :)
I love the blueness of the shadows

Which berry picture (this, or the one above it) is better? You decide!

Dry flowers add a new brilliance of their own now...
I know some country people don't like the junipers, saying they take a lot of water -- but they're native, and I love them! They form such a lovely green contrast as winter closes in.
This picture may be my favorite yet.
And I'll inflict one more on you... ;)
The little branches have a new wonder of their own, now they are bare.

See the gap between these giantous junipers, with its glimpse of the tree trunk beyond?
Home, sweet home