Monday, December 29, 2014

(: Christmas Day :) - Part 1

It's Christmas morning!!

Dawn breaks clear and rich...

Deborah did such a cute job of wrapping!

Healthy lollipops were in the stockings, so you'll see quite a lot of pics of people with white sticks in their mouths! ;)

The sun rises further...

Spy glasses! :)

Deborah gave Dad this gag tie ;)

Fun bumper stickers!

Selecting his next present :)

He was quite excited about this one!

More of Ben's Art!

Beth made this neat pillowcase, depicting our house! :) So creative and special!

Some precious wrapping paper!


Do you think he's excited? ;)

Quite the machine!

Uh oh... it's a beard book, and Deborah hates beards!!! ;)

But even she thought some were too hilarious not to laugh at... ;)

Christmas Day - Part 2

 Micah heads outside, following a trail of clues, to find his present from Mom and Dad...

 Deborah is so pretty! :)

 Sucking a sugar-free lollipop helps figure out the clues :)

 We follow him...

 On and on...

 Here it is! A kayak!!!


 Visiting with Nathaniel and Katelyn (it was hidden behind their house)

 On our way back home...

 Nathaniel and Katelyn gave us a very generous gift -- and a very exciting one!!! It's a portable, easy-to-set-up volleyball net like the R's have!

 Another very generous gift -- I am so super excited about it!

 Mom finds her present from Dad -- a new mountain bike!

 Opening a few last (but not least!) presents :)

 Nathaniel and Katelyn, opening our gift to them :)

 Then -- delightful quietness, as we each savor our special gifts...

 Mom made the most amazing brunch! :)

 Game time!

 Quite exciting!

 Dinner was so beautiful


 Sparkling apple cider (non-alcoholic :) is a special holiday treat for us!

 Looking at an intriguing present of hers...

The end to a beautiful and perfect day!