Sunday, February 23, 2014

Beth sent us this picture of charming Charlotte! :)

This humorous newspaper tidbit is for Stephen, who loves ducks... ;)

Fuzzy stems

Micah made these delicious no-bake cookies!

Ben & I, meeting with the N's to practice for a dinner gig

It is so much fun to play classical music together!

What fun to have the B's over for dinner! That was a real treat. :)

Rebekah and her growing little guy :)

Deborah and Danny

Mom's tulips

At the benefit dinner our ensemble played for

Setting up...


 I was asked to sing the National Anthem :)


Our neighbors, the O's, bought a calf today!

Thursday, February 20, 2014

A Truck, and Baby Shower, and a New Flower Garden

A look at the new, jacked-up version of our truck! :)

Nathaniel with his pride and joy :)

Art - Manly Art

I went to a baby shower for Mary W -- such a treat!
One of our hostesses explains the games...

Rachel S. and Katherine H. -- so fun to visit with you both!

 Katherine, me, & Elizabeth H. :) We've been friends for a long time! :)

The tulips Dad bought Mom for Valentine's are just beginning to bloom!

Deborah is beginning a flower garden!

All laid out and nice...

Some of Stephen's dear duckies

The whole gaggle of them (I know it's a gaggle of geese -- what is a group of ducks?)

And I'm posting this painting by Dulac because it's such a blustery day today!

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Some of us went over to see our neighbor's new storm shelter!

Inside - Debs said it was nice and roomy :)

Looking up out of the storm shelter

Saturday eve., we had neighbors, the R's, over for dinner. We had a lovely time!

It's so fun to just be with my brothers! :)


A walk after church...

Unique house decorations!

Shades of blue

Darling little rill

Another angle

Walking 'cross the pipe

Daddy & Mr. Y joined us

My newest dress... 

Kite-flying weather!

God's Art

Our truck has been "lifted" -- the guys brought home the finished result last night. :)

Andrew flew by the house this morning! How exciting!!!!! I'm so proud of him. :)