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Visit from B E & T - Part 3

The cookie-makers
Others join in to help...
Travis: "I really think you need a taste-tester to make sure they are good."

Looking at albums...

Daniel (who's in San Antonio) sends Andrew a text...  "Wish you were here!" :)

Mom & I took a walk, and I took pictures (surprise, surprise)...

Old truck
The false indigo makes such neat pods...

Visit from B E & T - Part 4

A restful Sunday afternoon of visiting!

"Yeah right..."
Beth let Deborah use her phone, and she decided to text some of the E's...
Travis texts her back...
Deborah discovers that she's been captured on camera ;)
Erich looking up a diagram...
Erich vs. computer
Next morning -- game time for some!
Explaining how to play
Playing "Sorry!"
"Goodbye! Goodbye!" It was a fun visit -- we look forward to seeing them all again in a few days!

A Visit from B E & T - Part 2

Travis, Dad, Micah, and Stephen got up early on Saturday to fish in a friend's pond! Here Stephen measures his little catch. :)
Travis had the honor of catching "the big one!" It was big -- a 19 inch-long largemouth bass!

Micah practices his diving moves? ;)

Here's a shot of Travis' fish!
Travis and fish

Deborah cooked up Travis' fish for lunch! The two fillets, cooked, weighed over a pound!
Ben serenades us...
Some of us went to the McK's (finding the G family there :) to see their new baby!
Proud papa
Peeking at the world...
Ruth isn't sure exactly what to make of it all ;)

A cuddly baby!