Thursday, November 27, 2014

Happy Thanksgiving!

Thanksgiving Day

With steadfast and unwavering faith, with hard and patient toil,
The Pilgrims wrung their harvest from a strange and sterile soil.
And when the leaves turned red and gold beneath the autumn sun,
They knelt beside the scanty sheaves their laboring hands had won,
And each grave elder, in his turn, with bowed and reverent head,
Gave thanks to bounteous Heaven for the miracle of bread.

And so was born Thanksgiving Day. That little dauntless band,
Beset by deadly perils in a wild and alien land,
With hearts that held no fear of death, with stern, unbending wills,
And faith as firmly grounded as the grim New England hills,
Though pitiful the yield that sprang from that unfruitful sod,
Remembered in their harvest time the goodly grace of God.

Gid grant us grace to look on this, our glorious native land,
As but another princely gift from His almighty hand.
May we prove worthy of His trust and keep its every shore
Protected from the murderous hordes that bear the torch of war,
And be the future bright or dark God grant we never may
Forget the reverent spirit of the first Thanksgiving Day.
- J. J. Montague

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Home Again, and A Thanksgiving Meal :)

 It was funny to wake up and see snow at home (no, all the snow for hours upon hours yesterday was not a dream... ;) )!

 Bringing the Fall indoors

 Playing with trip toys as he unpacks -- fun!

 Deborah's teddy bears

 Tuesday, the above is what our back woods looked like. So many leaves had fallen, but yet the oaks still had not changed color. By Monday of the next week, the below is what it looked like:

Quite a change, huh? :)

 Sherman Symphony... their Christmas Pops concert is December 6th (7:30 p.m.) and 7th (3:30 p.m.) at the Sid Richardson Center on the Austin College campus. It should be really fun and festive!

 This special little unexpected gift made my day! :) Thank you so, so much, Deborah!

 Micah bought this ping-pong net, and even though the table's not the official size, we've still been having fun! :)

 Singing as she wraps presents...

 Mary McK. was born last week! Here she is with her grandpa. :)

 The happy parents

 Mom and Mary
 Deborah gets a turn :)

 Katelyn, too!

 Interesting clouds

 Stephen, Deborah and I went on a "hike" on our property to collect Autumn leaves!

 Some of the oaks still are just starting to turn


 A caterpillar makes this little "case" and lives/hides inside while doing his nefarious business... ;)

 I made cranberry jelly -- something that I always enjoy making!

 Now they're starting to pop...

 Deborah and I spent an afternoon helping out at the McK's

 Crystal and her baby

 Mary. Look at all that hair! :)

 The world-famous chef sets up to make pumpkin pie...

We had a Thanksgiving meal on Saturday last week, and invited a few friends and neighbors -- it was so much fun!
 Deborah did a lovely job decorating the tables

 Nature, collected on our hike... :)

 A really good quote. May we show our gratefulness in deeds, not just words!

 Mother made a beautiful spread of special food... (unfortunately, my photos don't do it justice! :( )

 Gathering round the table

 Laughter, stories, and thankfulness abounded! :)

 Ben took some photos of Stephen's ducks, so I thought I'd post them here. :)