Thursday, November 3, 2016


Wow! October was quite a busy month! I've lots of pics for y'all this time!!
The Volunteer Fire Department had their annual boot drive!!

Riding back in Andrews truck

I have way to many airshow pictures to post :/ so you can just scroll down really fast ;)
Shockwave the jet truck!!
The Jack Links plane was awesome as usual!

The FA18 performance was really cool! Can you see the white coming off the wings?
Theres the white again
David Martin

Shockwave is back again to race David Martin!

And the airplane wins!!!!!!!!

THUNDERBIRD time!!!!!!!!!

I had way to much fun putting dark filters on some of these pictures so thats why some of them look so strange :P :)

The next weekend all the E's came up for Katelyns 20th bday party!
Charlotte looking at the water

Supper time!
A group picture missing Andrew, Ben and Mr. E
We played VolleyBall till it got too dark and then

went back to Katelyns house for cake and presents!

The Bonham festival of flight was the next day!!

Curt Richmond raced his son who was on a motorcycle!

Some RVs

The Shetterlys were really cool to watch!

Just "Blowin Smoke" :P :D

Back at home we attempted to take pictures of the cousins!

That's all the pictures i have for that weekend!
Now fast forward to last weekend we went to a wedding in TN!

Dad rented a really nice 3 story cabin so that Beth and Erich and Nathaniel and Katelyn and us could stay in one place!
Charlotte "calling" people! ;)
...and playing pool!

Late night pizza supper!

We had a really nice view of pickwick lake (nice except for the powerlines)

Beth was so nice to make breakfast for us!!

And we're at the wedding! Congratulations Daniel and Deborah!
There they go!! ( they were in the back)
On the way home!!

Charlotte wanted to take "funy picthures"
more funny pictures ;)

And we finished off October with Andrews bday!!!