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Saturday Evening and Sunday!

Yes, this is the same Saturday as Dad & Stephen's race -- just more happened! The M's called that morning and asked if they could come spend the night: so here are some people waiting for the M's to arrive...  Hello, Nathan!  Laughing while squeezing a wedged jar of milk out of a small cooler ;)  Visiting -- we did a lot of that! :)  Lydia and Deborah All us kids had fun playing volleyball after dinner!  What's wrong with this picture?  THIS is the original picture -- Andrew's T-shirt made a sweat-mark on the couch!  Sunday morning, more visiting...  Nathan's new camera  Comparing cameras and settings ;) The M's left when we left for church, so it was a very short visit, but still fun! :)  Sleepy girl on her way to church  After church, the P's had us over, along with a few other families.  Stephen and followers  This cutie loved looking at her own picture on my camera after I'd taken it! :)

 Mrs. P was such a lovely hostess -- she made a deli…

Catching Up on Last Week...

Radiant side-lighting
Big cracks! This one's maybe an inch across and looks quite deep!

On Friday night, we had a fun evening with the G's!
Aaron was home for the week -- the guys had a fun time catching up!

This little girl and her parents came!

Love the colors!

Moon beauty

Then on Saturday morning, Dad, Stephen and I went to Plano for a race! (They did the running -- I took photos and cheered them on ;)
It was a three-person-relay, and Dad was going to run two of the lengths, but this older man needed a team, so he joined theirs! He was 73 years old -- and ran quite well! Here he points out to Stephen the path the runners would be taking.
Ready to  run! Stephen was the team's first guy to run!
Steady and fast wins the race...
Here he comes!!!
Beginning to pass people on his final sprint...