Friday, August 12, 2011

Joey's Wedding...

Dad and Elisha and I stopped at a park in Austin for lunch on our way down to the wedding.

It reminded me of Australia. What I think Australia is like.

A friendly lady beetle

I couldn't find out what these strange balls of grass were on the live oaks. Anyone else know?

Discussing how to get there...

And here we are! A delightful setting with beautiful details...


I clutch Elisha's clutch while she takes photos....

Joey and Sophia


 Aunt Tricia and Uncle Donnie with grand babies!

The Donnie Wahlquist Family


Beautiful baby!

Maggie discovers Dad...

And decides that she has "Two Pop-pops!"

Sharing the latest news

Thank you Dad for taking us!

so lovely

And now the wedding has begun!

"The Bride eyes not her garment,
But her dear bridegroom's face..."
--The sands of time

Molly was so full of joy!

The families prayed for Joey and Molly during the service--what a special thing--and all the while, Maggie decorated Aunt Tricia's hand with stickers!

"And now I present to you Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Wahlquist..."

Micah sleeps sweetly...

Precious London!

Gracious Heidi

Very good things were said of the couple!

And now the cake!

Sent off with sparklers!