Sunday, June 29, 2014

Everyday Beauty

 Summer is here, and the skies reflect the heat with a brilliance of their own...

 Piano Art :)

 Daddy and Stephen, enjoying a book together

 Raindrops and evening sunlight -- what beautiful moments God scatters in our lives!

 Shades of purple and pink and...

 Molten fire

 Daddy and I had fun helping a friend with his booth for a recent homeschooling conference in Dallas. On our way down, we saw this interesting car... ;)

 This photo is looking from our booth at some of the neighboring ones. It was fun meeting some of the other vendors! :) :)

 Dear, fun Daddy! What a treat to spend two days with him!

 City Art

 Sunday, Deborah and I wore our latest creations to church! I love the way Deborah's turned out! (She's such a cutie anyway!) :)

 Here's two looks at mine (I wasn't sure which one to post ;)

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Art Talk

I like this picture for many different reasons:
#1. The matching dresses. Aren't they adorable? :)
#2. Mother and daughter have obviously been working together on a useful project. Not only does the daughter feel special because her mother has been doing something with her, but the end result is something worthwhile -- tasty pies! :)
Can you think of other reasons?

How many times do we rush ahead in our busy lives, not taking the time to do things with others because we're "too busy"? I often am guilty of this very thing. But what is more important -- getting everything 100% done, or going a little slower and spending time with the people God has placed around us?

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Andrew Passes His Checkride!!!!

Shasta Daisies are so pretty -- and amazingly, they're hardy enough to work in Texas heat! :)

Grading our road...

The first tomato from our garden!!!

Andrew passed his checkride -- now he's a private pilot!!! Here we wave as he flies over after his successful test! :) :)

Making a boat for Stephen

Telling us all about his checkride...

Dad declared a celebration, and took us all out to eat at La Hacienda Ranch, the place we like to go for super-special occasions!

A really fun ceiling... :)

Afterwards, Stephen rode the mechanical horses and we watched him...

As we left --

-- Stephen spotted this car.

So some of us took him over for a closer look! ;)

A beautiful end to a wonderful day...

Congratulations, Andrew!