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November 🍂

At a friends wedding
Well well i've gotten tired of saying "i didn't take many pictures...." so i will refrain My Kacy cutie!  And.... shes asleep :D  Family picture sneak peak (this year it's just gonna be me, Micah, and Stephen) JK  Shopping in the old beast  PERMIT!!!!! FINALLY!!! hide ya fam here i come ;)  Baby shower wierdness  No, Marianne wasn't the mom to be and neither was Abigail 😂  Mrs. D is thoroughly bored while me and Marianne laugh about my camera clicker thingy not turning off  we gangstas  Trooper!! or as i call him "ta-wooper"  see why kacy likes me??? 😬  On our way to SA for thanksgiving weekend!! we got to take Lydia along!!! It was so much fun!  Shoutout to Lydia for sending me some of her pics go check out her blog  suppper on the porch  dust, sunset, and a tractor
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