Saturday, July 30, 2011

The Basic Seminar...

Are we all ready?

Yes. Almost.

One of the masterminds who help make everything work well! Thank you Mrs. and Mr C.!

Before people arrived, there was time to think. : )

And talk.

And anticipate.
I always learn something from attending--what a blessing that there are people keeping it going!

Friday, July 29, 2011

Early June..

Cool luminescent leaves!

A delightful bouquet from Elisha's garden and mine.

Stephen enjoys helping Mom by killing squash bugs with tweezers--

Dad bought several more tweezers when he found they were the weapon of choice. A unique use for tweezers...

(gorgeous photo Elisha!)

He has just looked up from his book...

...and now he has taken stock of what he has seen... and feels indisposed to be adored at the time...

A lovely surprise came on the 7th! Three kittens appeared at the shop--what fun we had.

Taking a call...

One kitten that doesn't want to leave his snug resting place!

The kittens all liked to be under something--hidden--your hands, or say a pillow--not a very safe place : )

Deborah has a kitten under the blanket!

"I just can't help it--their too cute!"

Already having three, it wasn't hard to take care of three kittens from a friend! So we had fun with them too!

This kitten was the very most lovable and largest! We called him Twinkleberry, after a storybook character.


This tractor never loses its charm as a seat!