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Our Weekend :)

It's a glorious Saturday morning in Spring!
 Friends gave Stephen six ducks!
 Stephen and his new useful pets. :)
 Clouds on water...
 Some of us went to Bonham State Park Saturday afternoon!
 Deciding which trail we should take. :)

 First leaflets
 It was a rather neat trail!
 Redbud :)

 Deborah and I had quite a blast being "Indians" and tracking down our guys' exact trail!

 Much of the woods were still brown and bare, but there were little green bits poking up everywhere...
 Study in browns
 We found them! :)
 Official Indian outfits (see the feathers?) :)

Photos from Beth :)

No, we haven't been down to SA :(. Beth took these pictures, and I thought some of ya'll might like to see them. :)  Chloe, smiling for the camera
 Chloe again
 Beth and the girls went to a bluebonnet field with Mrs. E and Kandace!
 Babies and bluebonnets
 Isn't it lovely! I believe Kandace took most of these photos -- thanks, Kandace!!!
 So blue

Love this one! :)