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Part One of Dad's Birthday and the Costume Party!

Today was a very busy day--with house guests in the morning, Dad's birthday, a walk in the woods, and the long awaited Costume Party!
Very red and green!
Dad reads his cards...
And opens his presents...
I love this!
"Do you see what this says?"
"Hey, you're not spying on me are you?"
Our walk in the woods...
Micah climbed into one of the big trees near the back fence line!
And here we are getting ready for the party!
Starting with Stephen--who dressed up as Andre a friend of ours who loves to dress in army clothes, and recently joined the Navy!
Here is Andre!
Deborah is Queen Astrid of Belgium. In the words of her father, Prince Carl of Sweden, Astrid “had a heart of gold … she loved everyone, and everyone loved her". Astrid’s husband, Prince Leopold, was her greatest admirer. They were a very happy, deeply devoted couple. The young Duchess of Brabant (Queen of Belgium), raised in the simplicity of the Scandinavian courts, joyfully raised her growing family. At a s…
Guineas at Mrs. Russell's
Who's making a  big splash around here?
Sheriff stealthily approaches with laser sword handy...
It is very hard to get a photo of juniper berries in which they actually look blue--Elisha succeeded though!
Stunning sunrise

A very cold Great Blue Heron! All puffed up and as scrunched as he can be!
Table Art

Our first fire this year!
So very beautiful.

Fire light makes interesting photos...

Translucent leaves glow like stained glass...
A very "Come Home for Thanksgiving" feel to this...
My favorite (And to think I can go out there any time and be in it all!)
Why is poison ivy one of the brightest reds? It would be so nice to use for fall arrangements---
Ferdinand the Fierce

As Ben noted--if we make Ferdinand a garland of green and red, he would look very Christmassy!