Monday, March 31, 2014

Colorado, Here We Come! - Part 1

Where are we, and what are we doing?
We're going to the "Family Economics" conference by Kevin Swanson!

Dust devil -- quite fat ;)


It was such fun to see mountains! :)

Debs :)

Ben... :)

Here we are...

The Allison family, who not only minister to their two special-needs children, but are entrepreneurs as well.

It was such fun meeting new people!

There were so many good speakers, it was sometimes hard to decide which "track" to go to!

We felt like such a small group without Nathaniel and Andrew!

Kevin Swanson was as energetic as ever, and even more insightful, convicting, and challenging...

Mr. Roach played "Simon Says" with all the conference attendees. Hilarious!!! He was so, so  good at tricking people! ;) If you care to, you can spot me on stage. ;)

Eric Weir finished off Friday night with a moving message from his life on how God taught him the importance of family over business.

Spring Signs, and an Afternoon at the G's

Random curtain art ;)

Cedar Waxwings are on their way through -- such pretty birds!

Flowering plum

Together :)

Someone's house is being re-modeled!

Deborah's dollhouse, of course!

We spent an afternoon at the G's, helping them prepare for Hannah's upcoming graduation.

Hannah & Deborah

Yes, Hannah? ;)

Ben & Micah worked with their cactus bed...

Sorting rocks



Then we roasted hotdogs! Fun!


A very enjoyable afternoon! :)

Sunday, March 23, 2014

Home Again!

Happy Birthday, Nathaniel!!!

Deborah decorated the table in Snap-on green. :)

We love you so much, Nathaniel!

Deborah made his cake... :)

Plum blossoms!

Micah finally got his helicopter working!

There it goes!

Can you spot the 'copter?

My little sprouts...

Spring is here -- so exciting!

Micah's same 'copter -- painted a great green! :)