Friday, October 31, 2014

Deborah's Birthday and More :)

 Deborah turned 12 just a few days ago!

 Happy Birthday to a very special girl!!!

Mom & Dad gave her her very first camera!

 On antique errands later that morning...

 What a darling playhouse!

 Bonham's courthouse

 Quite the jumble!

 What a unique and yet attractive glass bowl!

 Love this quote!

 This one, too. :)

A beautiful cake by Ben finished off the evening!

 Reading together - precious memories

 Deborah posting on her blog



 Already, the leaves are beginning to fall off...


 Debs & I re-arranged our room again -- and really like the new configuration!

 What's he doing? We're heading out on a "hike!"

 Wild persimmon

 Through the woods we go...

 Little berries

 My two hike buddies!


 Goldenrod and rose hips

Micah mowing...

Next: Andrew's birthday!

Thursday, October 30, 2014

The E's Visit - Final Day

On our way to church Sunday morning -- can you see the hot air balloon, just above the trees? With the cooler weather, we've been seeing them more often!

Visiting after church :)

Visiting on our way home...

Deborah :) :)


I love the subtle colors in this picture and the below photo as well -- but I can't decide which is my favorite.


Taking a walk as evening falls...

Showing a youtube video to the E's

Travis, vacuuming ;)

What a lovely visit we had with the E's -- we're so grateful for it!