Thursday, September 30, 2010

Here begins the tale of our trip...

      My dame has lost her shoe..."
--Nursery rhyme
Deborah loses her shoe in this picture at one of the first rest stops we stopped at.

 This gas station had vintage gas pumps!
    Waiting for the others...

 Holbrook, Arizona--where we stopped the first night. These quaint lamposts charmed us!

 The Mojave has its loveliness!
At this motel we met a large group of Norwegians who were traveling the whole of Route 66 on motorcycle!

 Pretty but poisonous
 What exactly are Joshua trees made of?
 This is "The Infamous Family Portrait". A Lady came up to Elisha while we were looking at the Joshua Tree, and wanted to take a family picture for us--Elisha did tell her that we weren't all here but she took it anyway! The lady didn't want a picture of us, she wanted us to have a picture of ourselves--which Mom or Nathaniel could have taken, because they weren't in the picture!
 When we saw this we wondered for a few moments but then remembered---when we lived in So-Cal I remember seeing empty shopping carts occasionally in ditches etc. and Mom telling us that those were carts people had taken home with them. Well, this guy in the above truck thought entreprenurially and made a business out of the problem of the stolen shopping carts! We assume he goes around collecting carts, and as we saw him, returning them to their stores for a fee!

The California Aqueduct

Destination #1

 After arriving at Uncle Ken and Aunt Suzanne's we walked to San Mateo's park! This is the rose garden.

 Nathaniel and Uncle Ken played tic-tac-toe. Inevitably, neither of them won.

 Uncle Ken gave us a tour about playgrounds!

 This is a bit fuzzy, but I love Stephens position!

 Enjoying the roses!

 Fanciful Ironwork

 Uncle Ken demonstrates the new kind of suitcase--with the clothes on the outside!

 Mom opts out.

 Our graceful Aunt


 Playing Go Fish


 One of the many beautiful metal gates in San Fransisco on 19th Avenue.


 We had so much fun swimming!

 We had fun playing games in the garage as it got dark

 The room Elisha and I stayed in!

 Mom with older sister Suzanne

 Here is our great-great-grandmother, great-grandmother, grandmother, and mother. Mom is the little girl on the right.

This is Mom's Dad with a niece. Andrew reminds us a lot of him.

 At a park! Some went to a park while others washed clothes at a laundromat.

 Andrew stands by stoically


 The poor kid's hands are stuck on the wall--can't you see the distress on his face?!

 Deborah becomes electrified!

 Mom does laundry on trips too!

 We really need an umbrella like this--(just to photograph)

 Nathaniel and I puzzling our heads about something!

(Notice Stephen on the floor!)

 This is our grandmother when she was very little acting as the bride in "Tom Thumbs Wedding". Just adorable!