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Uncle Ken took this picture of Grammy's children and nieces that were at the Memorial Picnic. He kindly allowed me to post it here:
Suzanne, Staci, Annalee, Catherine, Janet (Mom :), and Molly

CA Trip - 14 and Final Post

We left early (yes, this is a.m.) so we could get a head start on our two long days of travel! It's Saturday morning.
Last glimpses of the dear fog-laden hills...

Loading up the final things!

Golden Gate Bridge again!

We dropped Beth&Erich off at Aunt Suzanne's to catch their flight home, and continued driving, driving...

Quick stop at a fun fruit stand!

Airplane "junkyard" in the desert
What neat cloud-shadows on the mountains!

Loading up in the morning!
Forever and ever on...
We all (except the driver) did a bit of this :)
Semi trailer, wrecked and burned...

CA Trip - Part 13

Erin explains something :)
Aunt Suzanne, Uncle Ken, and cousin Erin stayed for dinner after the Memorial Picnic. That was a treat!

Lots of laughter!

A quiet moment :)

Charlotte fell in love with a bathrobe! ;)

A gondolier, straight from Venice... ;)

Fun uncle-niece time together

Sitting on Grammy's porch for the last time...

 Just to prove I was there... ;)