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So many beautiful Spring mornings recently!  Interesting sunset...

 Fog in trees...
 I love it when our pond is foggy like this!!!  Great Blue Heron  Another foggy morning!!!
 Smoke from a neighbor...  Ben's goat had kids!!!  Two tiny darlings
 The wild blackberries are blooming!
 Micah, Debs, and I went to ICR for a Volunteer Day -- lots of fun working and helping them out! :)
 Rain on iris leaves...

Random Quotes...


KBR Conference Trip - Part 2

By far my absolute favorite talk of the conference was Mrs. Neely's. It was so full of humility, and practical tips and guidance for how we should dress and act and speak... I was truly blessed by her talk!!!! All the speeches should be available for purchase soon on the KBR website:
The Martin ladies had two really great topics -- our tongues, and how to wisely steward our use of technology... Mother's Panel time! Mom was on this one, and did a good job. :)
Sharing on gentleness and goodness... ...and now, the Q&A time! Did I mention that it was an absolute joy getting to meet the Neely's? Kathryn (far right) just got engaged, and she and I could've talked for much longer than we did! ;) Sarah Bryant closes the conference... Daddy took us all to Abuelo's for dinner! The food was really good, and it was fun to get to sit down and talk about everything! :) We woke up the next morning to -- SNOW! A little dusting, but it was there!!!
Dad and…