Friday, March 29, 2013

Three Days at March's End


How pretty the wild blossoms are!

View #1

View #2

Ben was so nice to plant the tomato plants Mom started!

Nathaniel is home from work, and he & Andrew are discussing the day... :) :)

Love Mom's little vases and pansies!

In one day, our neighbors went from having a sand pile to having a full 30 by 40 foundation for their new shop!

We attended the Wednesday Night Bible Study at church for the first time.

Conversations with Mr. K and Mr. Y.
(by the way, the person with their back to the camers isn't me -- it's Abby Y. :)

Love braids!

Stephen's ducks have grown immensely in their three weeks!

The scruffy "teenage" stage of chickens

Blue Swedish

The meat chicks are still adorable. That will change very soon! ;)

Daddy and all his balls ;)
We love to play "Forever Tag" with them!

A great reaction! :)


Stephen, armed with balls, prepares to attack his "Forever Tag" adversaries...

Love the arc here


Daddy gave Mom these brilliant flowers :)

Playing near our friends' (and neighbors :) sandpile!

Mrs. D. & Mom talk...


That evening, we had a fire in our firepit!

It was so much fun!

Debs even made healthy marshmallows...

I want to close with a truly inspiring quote:
Lord, make me the latter!

Thursday, March 28, 2013

Growing Things...

Spring Art

Little leaflets...

The green is fighting the brown... and winning! :)

Stephen & Mommy, checking on the ducks together!

The little man runs back to the house after completing his job! :)

Deborah made Sue Gregg's three-layer German Chocolate Cake the other day. It was to die for! :)

Redbud and an Atlas -- don't they go together so well? 
I'm sure if everyone in the world stopped for a moment to look at redbud blossoms, world peace would be achieved... ;) ;) (Just joking! But I enjoy it very much! ;)

A darling little vase 

More "barging" on the pond!

I love all the reflected colors... 

A few posts ago I showed a close-up of some yellow flowers, and a dear friend asked about the size. Here's a shot of the plants, Karen -- they're probably 1-1/2 feet high. :)

Our roses are just showing the potential of blooms (compared to Beth's roses in San Antonio, which are already blooming!)

This branch of redbud has the most delightful shape! Such a treat to have around the house. :)

I'd like to close with an old car ad -- that's actually a work of art! :) :)

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

The Blessings of Hospitality

A sweet young family from San Antonio was visiting mutual friends in the Dallas area, and Saturday night we had the privilege and blessing of visiting with both families.

Riley and Silas eye the wonderful spread of food, while Rachel helps Abram. :)

After eating, the guys went outside and played games... (ok, they don't look like they're playing here, but it's the only photo I have! :)

The parents visited...

...and Deborah enjoyed holding Psalm! :)



John & Micah

Stephen discovered that Riley liked playing Battleship, too! :)

We closed with hymns -- such a worshipful, glorious thing!

We enjoyed every minute! What a blessed time of fellowship! :) :)