Monday, November 30, 2015

SA Thanksgiving - Part 3

More from Saturday!
 Around the World, fast and furious... ;)

 And... more volleyball!


 It was lovely to sit around talking in Beth & Erich's house!


 On our way to church... :)

 After church, and visiting, we headed Dallas-ward...
These two deer were spotted in this pickup bed as we drove home!
 Kathryn! :)
 Driving home...

Home again, after such a fun trip!

SA Thanksgiving - Part 2

 Off we go, to go Black Friday shopping at thrift stores! ;) Since our group is growing (think: two new babies since last Thanksgiving!), we had to take two vehicles.

 Yes, I was there (this pic courtesy Austin)
 And Daniel took this pic! ;) (btw, we were not driving ;) )
 A treat for Charlotte, after all the shopping!
 What is it? ;)
 On the way back, some of us swapped vehicles...

 Pool is a favorite of Stephen's!

Charlotte helps with baby Kathryn! (she can say Kathryn's name -- it's so cute!)
 It's time for the 2nd Annual W/E Turkey Trot (or Gobble Wobble... ;))

 Daddy coming back from marking the course!

 After the first race, a 1/4 mile. Since I was in it, I didn't get any pictures -- sorry!

 The group for the second race lines up...
 Watchers (most of those of us who ran the first race, with a couple of others...)
 Off they go!

 Here they come!
 "Go, Daddy!"
 Stephen was next!
 Not sure what Hank and Daniel are doing in this pic... ;)

 Beth did great!

And... Daniel!
 Mom and Hank in a dead heat...
 Hank edges out to beat her by a couple of lengths...
 And Erich! :)
Compiling the results!

After the race, we played a lot of Spoons -- fun, exciting, and yet restful after our morning's exertions! ;)

 Sharing an earbud -- why? Because it's after Thanksgiving, so we can listen to Christmas music! ;)
 Debs attempts a photobomb

To be continued...