Monday, February 27, 2012


Finally, the computer (and my spare time) have co-operated and here is a much belated post on the Indermill -- Veach Family Reunion! 

This very odd group of conversationalists had us tricked about who was trying to talk to whom...

One of the expert chefs of the occasion (Uncle Fred!)

Paddle-boats are wearisome enough as it is, but Stephen held himself up by his hand the whole time too! (so he could reach the pedals)  We were very much impressed!

These two matched--and we don't think they meant to!

Grammy with great-grandbaby Leah, and unidentified security guard.

The kids had a great time!

So did we!

Deborah meets a new relation...

Stephen on the Carousel! (They say it went crazily fast for a carousel--generally they creep along!)

"While Jenny strangles Sophie, Erin stands horrified and I look the other way... "


And we end with Mom, who brought us into the world and is our link to this wonderful group of relatives!