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CA - 8

Waffles for breakfast!
Deborah volunteered to cook breakfast, and did a tasty job! :)
These nice guys cleaned up the leaves in Grammy's backyard
Aunt Catherine and Uncle Fred came down to see us! Here Mom, Dad, Beth, Erich, & Uncle Fred share a laugh.
It's such a treat to walk everywhere! We walked over to a restaurant for lunch :)
The big decision: what to order
A glowing mother and her darling baby
This picture has been hijacked by a grinning guy :)
We had a lovely time!

Love this picture!
Stephen shares secrets with Charlotte
They're so cute together!

More Upwords for Erich!

Charlotte looks on, aghast, at the Upwords g

CA - 9

Charlotte enjoys the very nice stroller given her by cousin Michael!

Enjoying the baby (I hope you aren't bored of baby pics by now! ;)

Reading is such a lovely past-time at Grammy's!
Unique pinecones
We went to an estate sale in Grammy's neighborhood, and saw lots of interesting stuff -- like this necklace!
Inspecting our purchases afterwards...
Stephen inspects a Porche

Walking home with our purchases
How delightful to have a home with these massive beauties always in sight!

A G.K. Chesterton tree "...its many-fingered hands brushing the face of Heaven, like so many twisted brooms..."
My purchase from the estate sale (the necklace, not the silver salver -- it's Grammy's!)
Deborah found these

CA - 6

Breakfast time at Grammy's!
Charlotte wishes she could eat real food, too. ;)


This photo can't help but make me smile!

We got to meet Grammy's part-time helper, Becki

Listening together
Enjoying her great-grandbaby
I really like this picture