Monday, October 28, 2013

My Birthday! Posted by Deborah

My Presents



An intresting present.

Nathaniel and Andrew made this really neat jewelry rack for me

A lava lamp!!!

The boys are making my cake!

Neat car.

Party table

A new Hairdo!

My cake! Isn't it pretty! Benjamin decorated it and Andrew made it. It was reeeaaally good.

And to end the day a yummy cake!

Saturday, October 26, 2013

Quote of the day - posted by Deborah

Very true!

Posted by Deborah

Somthings being deliverd! 
                                           It's a new Goat!

  Ben bought him so he could breed Wendy and Nabisco our two other goats.

                               I like his markings.

                          Dried grass and green grass

                              Patches of color.

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Happy Birthday Katelyn!!!

Happy 17th Birthday!!! And many happy returns of the day to Katelyn!
                                         Mrs. B. R. Cant   

                                          It's soooo pretty!

                Presents are showing up for my birthday!

                                 I like this illustration

                 We had funny face sandwiches for lunch!

                         This Face is a little crooked :)

                                    A good quote.

Sunday, October 20, 2013

Alliance air show part 3 posted by Deborah

We won't believe you if you tell us you wouldn't want a truck like this.

Shockwave, a jet-truck. It goes 370 mph.


and smoke

A fancy chaperone. T38 in backround

"...the ash  didn't settle for days and I developed a hacking cough which didn't leave for weeks afterward. Food became scarce and the whole city seemed to be dead. The streets were nearly always deserted. We were not cowed though, and, as the sky slowly cleared, the spirit of the people revived - now we were ready to give them back what we had, and that wasn't a little..." - Emil Hoffmann from 'Requiem: A collection of the most moving war stories' page 198.

Kevin Coleman.


Here some Jap planes take off in preparation for Tiger, Tiger, Tiger (as you may suspect I prefer to use English over Japanese [my Japanese has gotten just a bit rusty]).
the anoucers.

here come the japs.

There was a Nip in the air (yes, actually it was quite chile all morning).

someone must have had a BIG cigar.

It smelt like a grass fire and reminded the weary soldiers of home.