Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Memorial's Day...and the end of our trip...

 A delicious pancake breakfast started us off in wonderful style!


 And "forever tag"!

 She will do damage with this piece... : )

 Much time frozen


 Playing "knockout" with clays!

 "Here's how..."

 "There you go..."

 The Launching "pad"

 "Watching" from the hay wagon...

 "Get ready, set..."
 Enjoying the shade...

 New friends!

 The porch swing finds many occupants!

 Two scooters at once is something to worry about!

 Singing together!

 Shooting more long range guns into the dirt bank...

 ...While some play "Mother may I"!

 "May I?"
 Close conversation.
What a good day!

 The guys were ready for the day earlier than some of us!

 We visited a friend of Mom's family whom she hadn't seen in 40 years. Sooth to say--none of us had met her before! We had such a lovely time, hearing about those days and what has happened since.

 Listening to stories of our heritage

 Back at the S.'s to pick up the M.'s and (bonus!) have lunch served to us!
 Alas, it is now time to leave!

 Farewell and Adieu...!

 Back in the Dallas metropolis!

Monday, June 20, 2011

Day Two...

 Quiet conversations...

 Fun being together...

 And an impromptu recital in the evening!