Wednesday, October 31, 2012

After the wedding

Church service the next day was so much fun -- there were still several out-of-town families that stayed to worship with us.

The guys' table -- a lot of laughs!!!

Darling London and Micah :) :)

London enjoyed using my camera to take photos. Here's one: sweet "cousin" Heidi & I

Dad normally doesn't look short, but...
next to Uncle Ken he does! ;) I love having tall relatives. :)

It was so special for some of our relatives to stay another day!

There were pretzels left after the wedding reception -- and there were guys who enjoyed eating them! Perfect combination.

Also lovely that the E's could stay another day -- they're so special to us!

Uncle John concentrates on a game of Battleship...

Deborah is playing him!


We sure enjoyed all our company!

Wedding Day!!! - Oct. 20th, 2012

And now we come to the wedding day itself...
a time of great rejoicing in God's goodness and His love for us.

Family devotions all together...

The bride

These very special books were wrapped up and waiting me -- a sweet present from my dear sister Beth

Ruth enjoyed the roses (and we enjoyed Ruth!)

Beautiful bride

More roses and Ruth... she provided some nice backstage distraction :)

Deborah S. and Beth have been friends for 15 years... how time flies! Clear as day I can remember us all being little girls together...

This picture is courtesy of Sarah, from
She took so many lovely photos, and captured many memories from the day!

Wahlquists, and an almost-Ehlinger ;)

He carried her out! A perfect ending. :) :)

Praise the Lord for all He has done! His love towards us is so overwhelming and strong.

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Oct. 19th - the day before the Wedding

Now we come to Friday, the super-special day before Beth & Erich's wedding...

Ah, yellow roses...

The E's did SO much to turn the room from a teen/youth group room to a lovely rehearsal dinner room!


Bethany finds working with flowers enjoyable

The groom-to-be and siblings, working hard

Deborah helped make the boutonnières

Ruth. Need I say more?

Beth made all the bouquets -- and did a fantastic job! They looked simply lovely

Beth and her favorite baby

Adrienne & I had fun!

This is what the E's created (a glimpse of what they covered up is visible ;)

The happy couple (well, almost! Just less than 24 hours 'til they were married!)

The guys had a blast, on their end of the head table!!!! It's so fun to see my brothers enjoying themselves :)

Very similar expressions...

Monday, October 29, 2012

Before-the-Wedding Life

Hi, this is Elisha. Since Beth (your former blogger) is now happily married, I must now take up the mantle. :) So here's some photos from before the wedding -- and a link to photos of the wedding! I hope to add links to the other photographer's pics as they send them to me.

There's only one thing that's a disadvantage when one takes the pictures and posts them -- one doesn't get to see what other people like of one's shots. I so enjoyed seeing which of my pictures someone else (Beth) liked. I'll miss that!

Well, here goes!

The Autumn color has been so lovely -- iteven imparts some beauty to our (now)-empty pond. ;)

A funeral. Mrs. Etheridge was a woman who served the Lord all her life; her testimony is such an inspiration to me.

Hangin' out afterwards

What is Deborah so busy doing?

Bubbles for the wedding, that's what!

Art. Also wedding decorations.

Benjamin auditioned, and now is a member of the Sherman Symphony Orchestra! Congratulations, Ben -- you've worked hard!


Mr. E gets a guided tour of our property, courtesy Stephen. ;)

Only a few more days 'til the wedding...

Baking a cake

Getting the shop ready for the party after the wedding...

Wild Persimmon Art

Hard workers!

An interesting upload issue ;)

Couldn't decide which of these two to post, so you get both!

Inspecting a wedding present -- it was all the way from Costa Rica!

Good practice for marriage -- washing dishes. :)

Happy 18th birthday, Daniel!!!

We have SO much fun with the E's!!!

Comic relief

Trying on tuxedos...

How grateful we are for Daddy and Mr. E.

Good talks...

Handsome guy!

Can you see Stephen? He & Deborah enjoyed sitting with Eric & Beth. :)

And here is a link to photos of the wedding (please don't post this link without asking permission):

That's all for now!