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Wow! We've reached six hundred posts on this blog!

Thank you to the faithful ones who visit this blog and whose encouraging comments inspire us on! :)

The E's - Part 2

Opening presents from the church reception... people are so generous and thoughtful!
 A game of Risk in progress
 Lovely, thoughtful Deborah

 Talking and having fun

 The Risk battle continues between Travis --
 -- and Stephen. :)

 An evening walk...  Then we shot off Estes rockets!
 The lovebirds watch
What a grand visit we had, as always, dear E's!

A Visit from the E's! - Part 1

The E's have arrived -- and we're setting up Katelyn's chickens!
Art :)
What fun to see the E's again! :)

"Don't take my ball..." ;)
Let's play volleyball! (we did :))

Trying to take a picture... ;)
The ladies at church threw a lovely wedding reception for Nathaniel and Katelyn! :)
Sweet Mrs. E

Mr. D emcee'd a fun game...

Back home again, these two figure out the collective ages of our families (as in adding up all our ages)... ;)

An Invitation to Dinner, and More...

Surprisingly for mid-August, things are still pretty green. :) We've had enough little showers to do that, although overall-rain-wise we're still in a drought. :)

 Nathaniel and Katelyn had us over for dinner! What a fun evening we had with them!
 Neat clock

 What a yummy meal! :)
 Washing dishes together afterwards...

 Thanks again for a lovely evening, N&K! :) :)
 I was entranced by these teeny air bubbles on the rose stems...
 Puzzle girl

Seeing this girl always makes me smile :)

 An early-evening walk

 This snake was fun to see!
 He was just "sitting" on the dirt road,