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Memorial Day

Happy Memorial Day!!!

Before and After the wedding!

So! Here goes pics from before and after the wedding!!!:) 
 We played a lot of volleyball!  On Thursday some of us went to pick up the tuxes!Here Ben and me take a selfie!   Friday we went to the church and set up! Elisha making bouquets!   Ben took this pic!  The flower crew! thanks so much for the help y'all!   Daniel and Micah setting up decorations!   ? :)  It was so neat to meet Eileen D for the first time! We had so much fun with her!  the rehearsal dinner was decorated so nicely! thanks to Katelyn and Mrs. E!    The Bridesmaids!  Early Saturday morning we got to the church and started getting ready! Here's our amazing photographer Rachel!   Katie B was such a help setting up! thanks so much Katie!   The Sanctuary!   :)  And i don't have any wedding pictures yet! But I will post some as soon as I do!   Here they come!   And there they go! 

Hi Y'all!

Hi it's Deborah here! I'm going to be your new blog poster (hopefully)! I'm going to try to post at the end of every month a round up of pics from that month!! but first i'll post pics from before the wedding! and speaking of the wedding, there is a few wedding pictures on shiloh photography! many thanks to our amazing photographer for the great photos! Anyhow, look for the next couple post about the wedding!!! :) And I'll post my personal pics on my Instagram page <3 debs="" p="">

Blog Link

Hi all!
I said I'd post here the link to my new blog: it's
Don't expect posts right away, though -- I'm on my honeymoon! :) In Christ, Elisha