Thursday, July 30, 2015

 Enjoying time with Kathryn!

 Fun talking...

 What is this neat, but obscure-looking gizmo for? Well,you'll have to ask the nifty inventor, Micah! :)

 What are these people doing, looking at our blog? ;)

 Adjourning to N&K's for more visiting and dessert (the dessert was really good, Deborah!)

 I think anyone would love to receive a package as cute as one of these! :)

With all this heat (like 99 degrees every day), our pond has shrunk quite a bit -- that darker section was all under water a week or two ago! :0

 Sibling times :)

 Trying on Andrew's fancy new belt

And... trust a window washer to keep his windshield clean! :)

Tuesday, July 28, 2015


The evening after arriving home from our trip, we attended the Kueckelhan Rodeo, a local event we attended for the first time last year (right after Nathaniel & Katelyn's wedding!):

 Getting ready...

 Classy cowboy boots

 We arrived early, so we got good seats

 Deborah takes a selfie...


 Mom, visiting we friends we saw...

 Getting the chutes filled...

 Umm... interesting (and ugly) paint job ;)

 Let the rodeo begin!

 These two brought Kathryn, for her first rodeo



 The pick-up riders did a great job -- they're fun to watch, too!

This may be my favorite pic of the rodeo!

 The clown ;)

 Getting ready for... steer wrestling!

 The guy on the right did the fastest steer wrestling time of the whole evening: 2.5 seconds! Impressive!


 Pony "race" ;)

 Breakaway roping

 Interlude: the clown "helped" a lady... ;) ;)

 We were all dying of laughter!!! ;)

 Fancy ambulance, buddy!

 Then a wild and crazy event: "wild cow milking!" None of the teams succeeded -- the cows were way too wild!

 Trying to stop the cow and even get close enough to try to milk it... ;)

 Bull riding -- everyone is poised to help

That's a big bull!

A fun evening!