Friday, September 2, 2016


 I didn't take many pictures in august :/ sorry
 Wolfe City rodeo!

 We saw these two deer the other day!
 Ice Cream!!! Mom and Dad went on an anniversary trip for a weekend!
 Me and Katelyn on the way to a bridal shower!
 Travis and Elisha announced some news ;)
 Last week Me and Micah went with Nathaniel and Katelyn on there vacation to beavers bend state park to help babysit! Here's our cabin!

 Kacy and Meggie!!

 This was a cool river :)

 Hi there!

Taking a walk

 Kathryn had fun swinging!
 And so did we :P We had more fun then the kids on the playground :)
 Back at the cabin

 For smores!

 Me and Micah went canoeing one day but all the pics our on his phone so maybe i'll post about that later! :)

 Relaxing :)

Time to grill!
 More swinging :) ;)
 Monday morning we had fun crossing a rushing river!

 Family picture attempts :)
 This here is an "otterbox" :P LOL JK :) :) ;) (like the phone case)
Look out it's a zombie!!!! Just kidding i drank blue Gatorade :P

And that's the end of a very boring post. thanks y'all for taking time out to look at my dumb blog! :)