Tuesday, August 2, 2016


July was a super busy month for us! It started out with Kacy's 1st birthday!!!!
And of course the annual Whitewright Truck and Tractor Pull!!

Lots of smoke!

I've been remodeling my room! Andrew and Dad built me this really cool swing bed! I love it!
And we're ready for 4th of July!!!!!
The Whitesboro rodeo was a blast!!!!

There was a wreck on the road going past the rodeo so we got to see a chopper land!!

Breakaway roping was fun to watch (as always)

Calf scramble time!!!!

Sorry for the overload of bull riding pictures :P The lighting was pretty good so i took a ton! :)

"Dismount" :P

The rodeo put on a firework show afterwards!

Elisha and Travis came for 4th of July weekend! It was fun meeting up with these lovely ladies for lunch!

4th of July desserts! :)

Stephen's sparkler art

And now we're at the Ladonia Rodeo!!!
Mutton' Busting

None of the bull riders stayed on for 8 seconds, but it was still really fun to watch!
Erich and Beth came for a visit! Charlotte got to meet her her cousin!

This cool dude hanging out with me listening to music on Stephen's MP3 player! :P :)
We went to a park!

Thanks for the visit, y'all! come again soon!
Some freinds came out to shoot at our "range"!

Kathryn actually didn't mind wearing these!
And now we're at our favorite hometown rodeo!!!!! The Kuecklehan Ranch Rodeo!!!!!!
This was our 3rd time to go to this rodeo!!

It was really cool to see Hunter Cure the reigning World Champion Steer Wrestler there! (sorry, I don't have a pic of him)

Wild Cow Milking is always really fun to watch ( some people call it "wild cow mauling" :)

There was some good bull rides there!

Can't wait to go next year!!!
We did some skeet shooting the other day!

Support your Police!!!!
That's it for July!!!!