Monday, September 30, 2013

Friday, cont.


More four-minute freestyle...


The glider was interesting...

What a fun day!

National Aerobatic Competition - Friday

Here we are...

Talking over the routine, and giving tips...

Debby Rihn-Harvey was very helpful!


The judges...

We met an Australian pilot who is here for the Worlds next month.

The results are in... Tom placed first for the Unknown flight!
In the words of a lady who has been involved with aerobatics for years: "This is impossible -- this just doesn't happen."

...and third overall!

Boy, were we excited!

Then we watched the four-minute freestyle competition -- that was SO NEAT! :)

National Aerobatic Competition - Thursday

This pilot is going through the moves for his flight...



The sky was lovely!

The G girls came again :)

Tom's routine...

...and his plane

Rob Holland, present Unlimited champion (the highest category), in the air...

...and on his plane

Rob Holland has won the National Aerobatic Competition for the last three years

Debby Rihn-Harvey has won the Nationals several times

Replacing an alternator

Tom did very well for the day's freestyle, placing 6th.

What is Stephen doing?

Playing "Forever Tag with Balls!"

Another great day with the B's!