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Women's Retreat - 2

Saturday morning beauty...

Layers of hills...

Breakfast in the lovely dining room!

Horseback riders! :)
We had a lovely "quiet time" before lunch -- so nice to take the time to think and pray and write...

Sorry, I didn't get any pictures of the sessions -- you'll have to content with nature photos. :) But it was a nice time, even if I don't have photos of everything! :) :)

Women's Retreat - 1

Mom & I had an opportunity to attend our church's annual Women's Retreat -- it was a lovely time!
 Travelling with these lovely ladies was so delightful! :)
 Here we are...
 Deer greeted us as we pulled up -- simply beautiful! :)

 A renovated barn for meetings...
 Our comfortable room :)
 The Lodge

 The setting was so pretty, you'll have to excuse the amount of Nature photos I'm going to post! :)
Golden woods

 At the lodge...

 The view out the back was amazing!
 Hair Art :)
 The perfect spot for a small wedding :)
 We took a walk down to the water...