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Art Talk

I'd like to start a new mini-series of random posts, in which I post a piece of art and share my thoughts about it/why I like it.   Art is such an important medium in your life as long as you aren't blind -- and I don't think anyone who visits this blog is blind. ;) Art affects our opinion of things, what we like and don't like, and much more.  A good piece of art can inspire us to better things -- a bad piece of art can drag us down, tempting us to give in to "the world, the flesh, and the devil." The advertisers know this -- they willingly spend gobs of money on photographers and models and airbrush artists to try to get us to buy their product or do what they wants us to do.
That said, here's my first piece of art! What is said by the image you see above? It isn't always the easiest thing (is that an understatement?) to "put a cheerful face on" and determinedly have fun despite a change in plans, a mini-disaster, etc. But in this pictur…
A science project, involving red cabbage!

 I love it when the sky gets lowering and dark just before a storm!  Sea serpent, anyone? ;)
 A misty morning...

 The water looks so luscious here
 A dear friend gave me this scarf, so this picture is for her :) :)
 Deborah + unusual camera settings = this picture

 What a cloud!
I shall close this post with a lovely, pastoral every-morning sight: Stephen going to take care of his ducks

SA Again! - 4

Katelyn seems popular, doesn't she? :)

 Better :)
 It's such a treat to get to put Charlotte to sleep!

Deborah decides that since Nathaniel and Katelyn are the ones getting photographed, she'd better join in. ;)
It rained while we were there -- so lovely and needed!

Some of us diehard volleyball enthusiasts tried to rustle up a game, but it kept raining! :( Oh well! ;)
Fuzzy, but I couldn't resist posting this pic!

Austin grilled chicken for marvelous fajitas!

Joshua R. was visiting the E's with his brother Samuel
Stephen found that an old towel was the perfect "peek-a-boo" thing to make Charlotte laugh!