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A Baby Announcement! :) :)

Stephen and butterfly
 On a walk!

 Mist rising from the pond... simply beautiful!!!

 It was so, so pretty!
 Then the same pond, a few hours later :)
 My newest dress
 Micah's truck! --
 -- and his bumper sticker ;)
 Visiting with Nathaniel and Katelyn Sunday evening

 Stephen and a neighbor boy
 Dad and Stephen, on an adventure :)

 Then, at 9:34 Monday evening, Katelyn had their baby! This picture was taken at midnight, when we were allowed to come and see them. :)
Kathryn Elise Weight: 7 lbs. 14 oz. Height: 19 - 3/4 inches
 A happy mommy

Quotes, Again :)

Since my other "quotes" posts were so popular, I thought I'd share a few more:

More of Our Week

Nathaniel and Katelyn, helping Micah with his truck up at the shop
 Thistle seeds, ready to blow in the wind...
 Andrew and his truck! Always great to see them! :)

 Stephen recently got a baseball bat -- here Andrew and he practice :)

 Wednesday, we attended the funeral of Nathaniel's bosses' wife. It was an extremely sad event -- she had committed suicide.

 A darling, darling letter I recieved the other day...
 Deborah and an art project

 Daddy, trying to fix our Internet... he couldn't, because the antennae itself is broken. :(
 My Shasta Daisies!

 More baseball -- this time, with a bigger group of us!
 Love that smile!

 Heading off to the next base!